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A guide to finding technical standards and specifications.

Other Foreign National Standards

‚ÄčFor links to Internet sites with information on the standards and standardization activities of other foreign countries, visit the ISO Members Page.

International Standards

The ISO also provides information on other International Standards Organizations. Information on ISO 9000 standards can be found in the box below.

ISO 9000 Quality Standards

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 9000 series has been adopted by countries worldwide, including the US and Canada, as the national standard for quality assurance and quality control. Please note that in the US the ISO 9000 series has been issued by the American Society for Quality Control as ASQC Q90 - Q94. The TMU Library has some books on implementing ISO 9000. To locate these books, do a keyword search in the TMU Library Catalogue using the term "iso". Additional information on the ISO 9000 Quality Series can be obtained on the World Wide Web from the ISO 9000 News Service.