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CYC560 Social Innovation in Practice: Weekly Readings

Course readings by week


Week 2




Inclusive Innovation Report, pages 5-18


Week 3


no readings

Week 4






Read: Ayob, N., Teasdale, S., Fagan, K. (2016). How Social Innovation ‘Came To Be’; Tracing the Evolution of a Contested Concept. Journal of Social Policy. 45(4), 635-653.

Week 5



Read: The Young Foundation (2012),

Section 5, pp. 33-41


Reading break


Week 6



Inclusive Innovation Report, pp. 42-44

Week 7


Kania, J., & Kramer, M. (2011). Collective impact. Stanford Social Innovation Review, 9 (1) (winter), 36-41


The Young Foundation (2012), sections 3.3 and 3.4  Common features of social innovation, pp21 – 25

Week 8


No formal class

Week 9

 Sax, David. (2018). End the Innovation Obsession. New York Times.

Text #2:

Seelos, C., Johanna, M. (2016) When Innovation goes WRONG. Stanford Social Innovation Review, 14(4) (Fall), 26-33

Week 10

no readings

Week 11

no readings

Week 12

no readings