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Mandissa Arlain
350 Victoria Street, LIB272
Toronto, ON M5B 2K3
416-979-5000 ext. 6894
Looking for help with your research? Book a research appointment using the link below my profile picture, or on the library website.
Research appointments are open to individuals and teams, and can help with finding company and industry statistics and reports, research strategies, effective use of resources, search terms, business planning resources, and other topics.
Research guides on the library website also provide information on research and resources for Market Research, Entrepreneurship, Zones Learning, Hospitality & Tourism Management, and many related topics.

My Guides

Basic Video Production
Last update: Dec 6, 2022 63 views
Last update: Mar 7, 2023 3418 views
Company Research
Last update: Jan 17, 2023 309 views
Last update: Feb 13, 2023 127 views
Last update: Feb 8, 2023 83 views
Last update: Jan 25, 2023 151 views
Last update: Jan 10, 2023 23 views
Last update: Dec 6, 2022 41 views
Last update: Feb 13, 2023 1544 views
Multimedia in Business
Last update: Mar 15, 2023 137 views
Patent Information
Last update: Jan 26, 2023 83 views
Zone Learning
Last update: Mar 15, 2023 303 views