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Literature Reviews

This guide is intended for students who are seeking help on writing a literature review.

Getting Research Help

Book an Appointment

Get lengthier and more specialized research help with our book an appointment service.

Visit our Research Help Desk

Visit the Research Help Desk on the main floor of the Library for help.

Research and Citation Help

Learn how to conduct research and cite your sources with these helpful guides and videos

Attend a Workshop

Workshops are scheduled throughout the term.

Help From the Library

The Library can assist faculty and research assistants embarking on literature reviews with the following services, available by booking an in-depth research consultation with your subject librarian.  

  • Help developing your research question based on the PICO framework

  • Recommendations regarding database selection, grey literature sources, search strategies, etc.

  • Using limits to apply your inclusion/exclusion criteria

  • Information about the Library’s InterLibrary Loan service to acquire resources not locally available at TMU

  • Advice on keeping organized and available citation management tools

  • Assistance with targeting journals for publication

Acknowledging Library Support

If a subject librarian has supported your review in any of the ways listed above, it is best practice to acknowledge that support in the acknowledgement section of your published review.

Contact your librarian to ask how they would like to be acknowledged. Some journal editors may ask for permission from anyone who was acknowledged.

Acknowledgement vs. Co-authorship

If substantial contributions are required from a librarian (i.e. designing and executing the search strategy, acquiring and analyzing materials, etc.), co-authorship is required. Co-authorship differs from acknowledgement as it involves a librarian joining your team and being listed amongst the authors of your review.

Some tips for approaching co-authorship:

  • Recognize whether or not a librarian needs to join the team early on in the process
  • Approach a librarian as soon as possible, as they may not be able to join your team due to the time commitment
  • Discuss the levels of support needed and requirements for the project with a librarian