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Historical Criminology (Dr. Dan Horner's seminar CRM 406 winter 2021)

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Vices. What are they?
In his 1919 pamphlet Wake Up! Montreal!, author E.I. Hart identifies five "master evils."
The Cigarette
The Drug Habit (narcotics or "dope" such as opium and cocaine)
Gambling (including horse-racing, book-keeping, slot machines)
Drink (while acknowledging the legal sale of liquor and beer, also mentions boot-leggers and smuggling) 
The Social Evil (prostitution and "white slavery"--what we today call human trafficking especially as applied to minors)

The author later comments on other matters: reformatories, penal institutions, and redemptive homes; dangers of public dance halls and movies; immodest dress.

The Report of the Social Survey Commission of Toronto (Toronto: Carswell, 1915) refers the the social evil in subcategories such as: houses of ill-fame, houses of assignation, prostitutes, prostitution, street soliciting, and massage parlors.
Other topics noted in the table of contents are: illicit sale of liquor, feeble-mindedness in relation to vice and recreational facilities, specifically dance halls, rinks, parks and summer amusement resorts, moving pictures, and theatres (burlesque houses, vaudeville houses, regular theatres). 

Some additional keywords that might use in historic newspapers and other publications: obscene OR obscenity, gambling OR betting, prohibition OR illegal alcohol, arrest OR raid OR charge, "moral indignation" OR immorality, drugs OR narcotics, "vice squad". 


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