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CVOH221:Topics in Occupational Health and Safety

This course guide was designed to assist students in CVOH221 with conducting library research for their assignments

Your Research Question

Identifying and framing your research question is the first step to any research project. To help develop a good research question, you can use a strategy such as the Population/problem, Intervention/exposure, Comparison, and Outcome (PICO) approach.  The Cochrane Collaboration describes the PICO method as widely accepted strategy for developing research questions and their corresponding search strategies. 

For example, if you were interested in determining how effective workplace interventions are at alleviating stress among nursing personnel, your PICO strategy could look like the following:

Population/Problem: Nursing

Intervention/Exposure: Workplace Interventions

*Comparison: n/a

Outcome: Stress Reduction

*Time (T): n/a

*You may not always have a comparison, or a time period.  

The resulting research question could be What workplace interventions are effective at alleviating stress among nursing personnel?

Your core concepts, or keywords, which you can use to find relevant literature, would be the following: workplace interventions, stress, nursing