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Diversifying your course syllabus

A resource guide for instructors and faculty to assist in reviewing or building new course syllabi with a focus on inclusivity and diversity in both style and content.

Resources for inclusive course design

Cornell University. Teaching and Learning in the Diverse Classroom. (MOOC): Through real stories, reflection, and key research, learn how to create and sustain inclusive, student-centered learning environments. 

Columbia University. Inclusive Teaching: Supporting all Students in the College Classroom. (MOOC): Explore the principles of inclusive teaching and learn how to apply them in your classroom to support diverse learners.

Master of Social Work program, University of Southern California. Diversity Toolkit: A Guide to Discussing Identity, Power, and Privilege. (Online teaching guide). 

New York University. Overview: Faculty Toolkit on Digital Inclusion. (Online toolkit). 

University of Chicago. Inclusive Pedagogy. (Online guide): Help improve student learning by removing barriers to inclusion.

University of Denver Office of Teaching and Learning. Inclusive Teaching Practices. (Online learning guide).

University of Minnesota Libraries. Diversify Your Syllabus: Resources and Readings for Your Syllabus. (Online guide).

Gender Inclusiveness

University of Pittsburgh. Gender-Inclusive / Non-Sexist Language Guidelines and Resources. (Best practices document).


Tulane University. Accessible Syllabus Project. (Online resource guide).

Digital Education Strategies. Understanding Document Accessibility: A Reference for Creating Accessible Office Documents. [Ebook]. The Chang School, Toronto Metropolitan University. 


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Toronto Metropolitan University Resources

Accessibility Guides and Resources in the Classroom. (Online resources from Access Ryerson)

Alternative Assessments (Best practices document)

Flexible Learning Resource (Best practices document)

Flexible Teaching, and Academic Accommodations in Remote Teaching. (Best practices document).

Inclusive Teaching (Online teaching resource). 

Tips for Inclusive Teaching. (Online teaching resource)

Toward Inclusive Education at Ryerson, 2019 Student DIversity Self-Id Report. (Full report).

Using Universal Design in the University Classroom. (Best practices document).

Inclusive Syllabus Resources

Tufts University Inclusive Teaching. The Syllabus as a Tool for Setting a Climate. (Guide)

University of Kansas Center for Teaching Excellence. Creating an Inclusive Syllabus. (Guide & assessment tool)


Decolonizing the syllabus

Keele University. (2021). Decolonising the Curriculum Staff Guide. (Document, guide).

Anti-Racist Teaching

Simmons University Library. (2021). Anti-Oppression. (Online guide).

Thurber, A., Harbin, M.B., & Bandy, J. (2019). Teaching Race: Pedagogy and Practice. Vanderbilt University Center for Teaching. (Online Teaching Guide). 

Wheaton College. Becoming an Anti-Racist Educator. (University guide).