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CLD212 - Curriculum II: Program Planning

Journals of note

As we learned earlier, the aims and scope of a journal will determine the type of research studies that you are likely to find published in it. For this assignment, you are strongly encouraged to find articles about your curriculum concern from these specific journals:

Contemporary Issues in Early Childhood

Children's Geographies

Canadian Journal of Disability Studies

Disability and Society

First People's Child and Family Review

Pedagogy, Culture & Society

Curriculum Inquiry

Discourse: Studies in the Cultural Politics of Education

How to search for articles in a journal

Searching for articles in a journal is different than searching for an article in a database. As you can see in the image to the right, articles are published in journals, which are indexed in databases. When you are searching a database, you are searching thousands and thousands of articles published in hundreds and hundreds of journals

When you go directly to a specific journal, you are ensuring that you are looking in a source with a much more limited scope that is normally clearly defined by the journal title. Therefore, you will create a search strategy that is likely to be simpler. For example, if you are searching Disability and Society, you can rest assured that all of the articles will be about disability in some aspect; your search need only then include the more specific aspects of your topic, such as "early childhood", or "autism and kindergarten", for example. 

Example of article hierarchy in context

Keenan, H., & Hot Mess, L. M. (2020). Drag pedagogy: The playful practice of queer imagination in early childhood. Curriculum Inquiry, 50(5), 440-461.

Database: ERIC

Journal: Curriculum Inquiry

Volume/Issue: 50(5)

Article: Drag pedagogy: The playful practice of queer imagination in early childhood.