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HST 680 Treaties, Land and Indigenous Governance

This guide is intended to assist students conducting research on the history of treaty making between Indigenous peoples and European settler-colonial governments from the Royal Proclamation of 1763 to today.

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TMU Library Search Everything
This search engine searches for journal articles (chiefly those that are available electronically and subscribed to by TMU), books, e-books, theses and dissertations, and newspaper articles from some recent and a selection of archival newspapers. It indexes digitized content such as out-of-copyright books and journals that are available from sources such as The Internet Archive and The Hathi Trust.

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For more advanced searching across a more targeted set of resources, you may want to try a discipline specific indexing/abstracting database or collections as listed in the following boxes.

Note on Terminology: The Library recognizes that the words "Indian" and "Indians" are hold-overs from our colonial heritage. Libraries including this one are replacing subject headings of the type "Indians of North America" with headings such as "Indigenous peoples North America." Some libraries are adopting terms such as First Nations for peoples who are indigenous to Turtle Island (North America) other than the Inuit and Métis. Historic books, documents and indexing tools continue to use the terms that were used at the time of creation. Therefore when looking for resources, you may have to use terms that may be outdated, inaccurate or offensive. 

Key Indexing Resources

Digital Collections (Access Restricted to University Community)

Archival Newspapers

There are numerous initiatives to digitize the text of local newspapers as well as the photographs and negatives of newspapers and news agencies. Additionally, the amount of indexing of historic newspapers continues to increase.Some relevant initiatives follow:


Western Canada



Atlantic Canada

The Google News Archive was live from 2006-2011. The addition of new content and access to the home page was discontinued in August 2011 according to an entry in Wikipedia. You can still browse the content of the Google News Archive but the search function is far from ideal.

See also Carol Singer's extensive guide from Bowling Green State University Library: Historical Canadian Newspapers Online

Current and Recent Newspapers

Search for individual newspapers and journals by title from our A-Z list of journal titles