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CPHL 302 Ethics & Health Care

Welcome Students

Hello students, 

This guide is intended to help you find sources for your CPHL 302 essay.  

1. How to research a current topic.

2. Picking your sources carefully (avoiding biased resources).

a Our Newspaper Collection.

3. Create a search strategy with Keywords.

3. Using our Article Databases to find peer reviewed articles.

4. Important books and official websites for Bioethics Research Institutions, (*Research institutions have important reports and information).

5. Citation Help.


If you are still having trouble finding resources please contact me ( to set up a zoom call. 


How to Research a Current Topic

Understanding the publication timeline is the key to tackling a current event topic!

For current event topics, it's important to remember that scholarly peer reviewed articles can take a few months to a year to be published. In the days after an event there will be coverage in newspapers and social media. It will take a few weeks or even months before you will see detailed reports by organisations like a research institution. It will take at least 6 months for a peer reviewed article to be published. This is because of the nature of the peer reviewed process (collecting the data, writing the paper and having it reviewed by your peers before publishing). It is important to note that the pandemic has sped up the process and peer reviewed research articles on COVID-19 are being released within a few months. 

So if you are looking at something that is happening this week or month, you will find current newspaper articles on your topic. If you can't find peer reviewed articles or research reports - try looking at the bigger issue. There will be scholarly coverage on vaccine planning in general or pandemics in general. 

For example:

Local Current Event: Ontario's distribution of vaccines (newspaper coverage).

Larger Topic: Ethics involved in vaccine distribution plans (peer reviewed articles, research institutions and books)

Timeline of how information is produced

How to Write an Ethics Paper