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TMU Library has many great resources to help you with your fashion research and assignments. Use this guide to get started!

How to find peer-reviewed journal articles

The Library subscribes to a large number of journals, newspapers and other resources.  Not all journal articles are peer-reviewed, so you need to find a way to limit your results to peer-reviewed articles.

  • Some databases (eg. Proquest) will let you click a 'peer-review only' checkbox before you start searching
  • Search Everything and many other databases will let you limit to peer-reviewed articles once you have completed the search 


Proquest Search Box with Peer-reviewed option checked:

Screenshot of the Proquest search interface highlighting the peer-reviewed check button


Search Everything search results with peer-reviewed option checked:

Peer Reviewed button on Search Everything (on the left side)


How can I tell if my journal article is peer-reviewed?

You've found a great article, but how do you know if it is peer-reviewed?  By using a resource called Ulrich's International Periodical Directory, you can check to see if the journal that the article is from is peer-reviewed.

  1. Go to Ulrich's International Periodical Directory
  2. Enter the title of the journal (not the title of the article) in the search box
  3. If an icon  appears by the journal title in the peer-reviewed column, then the title is peer-reviewed.

A list of results in Ulrichs International Periodical Directory highlighting the peer-reviewed icons