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Four Directions Writing Guide

Group Assignments and Other Types of Assignments

Group Assignment

Keep in mind the Two Row Wampum Belt teaching when doing group work assignments.two belt wampum belt

The Two Row Wampum Belt is significant for the Toronto Area at it is the home of the Iroquois and the Haudenosaunee people. They had to learn to share the land and have a relationship between their peoples like brothers. The belt symbolizes the two peoples in their own canoes, going down the river side by side, as equal partners. When the European Settlers came in, they were also included in this agreement.

It is significant because like the Iroquois and the Haudenosaunee people and their agreement with European settlers, you and your group members will also have to learn how to equally balance work and not try to steer each other’s projects within the group assignment. Ensure equal distribution of tasks, and work together with an open mind and lots of patience.*(For more Information please see the RASS Wellness Binder and

Here’s a great webpage from the University of Waterloo’s Centre for Teaching Excellence on Teamwork Skills: Being an Effective Group Member.  There is also an audio version available on their webpage.

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Lab Reports

Many of the same steps mentioned throughout this guide still apply when it comes to the Physics Lab Report.

Here is a helpful handout from Student Learning Support on writing a Lab Report.

For a more general view on how to write a lab report, please refer to University of Toronto’s Writing Advice page on The Lab Report.


Reflection Paper

Here’s a helpful handout from Student Learning Support.




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