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Trans Research Guide

Search Tips

Helpful keywords for conducting scholarly research on trans issues include terms related to gender (e.g. trans, queer, "gender non-conforming"), trans relevant issues (e.g. passing, "gender dysphoria"), or culturally specific terminology (e.g. Hijra). These terms can be combined in a search in addition to keywords specific to your research area (e.g. midwifery, fashion).

Subject headings provide another powerful manner of searching. Library of Congress Subject Headings in use in the TMU Library catalogue include:

Transgender People
Transgender Children
Transgender Parents
Transgender People in Literature
Transgender People’s Writings
Transgender Youth
Gender nonconformity
Gender nonconformity on television

A search that combines all of the above.

Clicking on any of these subject headings will show all resources for this title. These are also listed in catalogue descriptions, as shown below. Similar subject headings are also available in journal databases in the advanced search function.

Catalogue record this this title