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Library Research Skills Tutorial

Using Citations in your Paper

 Writing Support and Student Learning Services can assist students with integrating citations into their papers.

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Elements of Style - Information to collect from your Sources

The pieces of information to cite a source properly change very little from citation style to citation style.  If you plan to use a source in your paper, you will need to keep track of :

  • Title(s)
    • For articles both the Journal Title and Article Title
    • For websites both the title of page and title of the webpage
  • Authors
  • Year
    • plus volume and issue number for articles
  • Pages
  • Publisher for books
  • URL (Website Address)
  • Your own notes
    • Indicate where you found it and why you are going to use it. Write down page numbers for direct quotes.

With this information you can create your citation in your chosen style (ie APA or MLA).  Watch the following video to learn more about the core elements of a citation and why they matter to your reader.


UBC Library, Elements of Style (Close Captioned) 

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