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Generative AI Guide

What is a prompt?

To interact with language model like ChatGPT, you need to give it a prompt. A prompt is an instruction or question (input) that helps generate the desired answer (output).

Effective prompts are:

  • Clear
  • Specific
  • Provide context
  • Specify the format for the output
  • Refined through trial and error

Examples of prompts generated by ChatGPT (OpenAI, 2023):

  • "Explain the process of photosynthesis"
  • "Translate the following English text into Spanish: 'Hello, how are you?'"
  • "Generate a JavaScript function for validating an email address."
  • "Explain the theory of relativity in simple terms."
  • "Invent a fictional character and describe their background and personality."
  • "Provide steps for troubleshooting a network connectivity issue."
  • "Suggest some effective study techniques for exam preparation."