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Generative AI Guide

When is it appropriate to use AI?

It's appropriate to use AI for your work when:

  • You have been asked to use it for an assignment
  • Your instructor has given you permission
  • You understand its issues and limitations

Remember to always cite artificial intelligence tools when you use them!

AI Uses


You can use AI for brainstorming during the research process. For instance, you can ask AI to brainstorm:

  • Ideas for paper topics
  • Keywords for searching
  • Ideas for narrowing down or broadening a topic

Study Buddy

You can ask AI to:

  • Explain concepts or terms
  • Quiz you (Quizlet AI tutor)
  • Provide study break ideas


AI could be an effective time management tool. Ask it to:

  • Create a project timeline for your assignments
  • Create a to do list

Why do you need a human?

It's always important to have human intervention in AI generated output because:

  • AI does not understand context
  • AI cannot identify bias
  • AI needs to be fact checked
  • AI cannot be specific to your course