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ENG 810 Winter 2024 (Dr. S. Bull) Advanced English Research Methods

Publication History Miscellanea

OCLC WorldCat is a union library catalogue with collection information from thousands of libraries.You can use the public search feature to get a sense of the publishing history and location of physical items around the world.

WorldCat Identities helps you discover the extent of publication by and about a creator using an assortment of visualization methods.


Library Holdings of Specific Libraries

The TMU Library page for searching other libraries provides links to the library catalogues at all of the universities in Ontario and a few national and internation libraries.
Google other national, university, or research libraries and see what they hold. A cautionary note: old cataloguing rules, manual technologies and financial constraints restricted the amount of cataloguing data prepared for early items. Thus, illustrators of works are not always traced.

Other Sources

Used book databases such as may be helpful in identifying works featuring contributions including plates or illustrations by particular artists.