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Black Studies

Community-Based Reports

A 2007 “sans papiers” protest in Paris, France (Photo: William Hamon, Flickr)


Black Health Alliance - a community-led registered charity working to improve the health and well-being of Black communities in Canada.  Driven by groundbreaking research, strong partnerships, and people, this movement continues to build innovative solutions to improve Black health and well-being, and mobilize people and financial resources to create lasting change in the lives of Black children, families and communities.

The Black Experience Project (BEP) - important and timely research, contributing to the awareness about the lives and experiences of Black people in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). It builds on earlier research on our “presence” (Head, 1975), “wellbeing” (James, Este, Thomas-Bernard, Benjamin, Lloyd & Turner, 2010) and life as Black residents in the GTA.

Funding for Black-led Organizations - a recent report entitled “Unfunded: Black Communities Overlooked by Canadian Philanthropy” is a wakeup call that Foundations and Charities are not doing enough to fund Black led organizations and groups that work primarily with Black communities. 

Black Canadian National Survey – Interim Report 2021 - ‘Blackness in Canada’ report reveals 78 per cent of Black people believe racism is a ‘severe’ problem in Canada