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ITM755 - ICT & Sustainability

Toronto Metropolitan University Theses and Dissertations

TMU Library collects and makes accessible graduate dissertations (Ph.D) and masters level theses as well as some masters level major research papers.

The TMU Library Digital Repository contains the most complete collection of these documents, online, and searchable from the website and via search engines like Google. Older documents may also be found in the TMU Library catalogue. The library no longer collects print copies of theses and dissertations.

To search for documents from a specific program, try using a keyword search that includes the words "TMU" "ryerson"  "dissertations" and a couple of words from the name of the program such as "communication" "culture" or "mechanical" "engineering."

Theses and Dissertations from Other Universities

  • Lund University Student Papers  Lund University Publications Student Papers (LUP-SP) is the institutional repository for master theses and student papers from Lund University. The repository contains bibliographic information on over 57,000 publications. The full texts of the documents are made freely available when possible.