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CINT555 research resources: Choosing your topic

Choosing your topic

It's a good idea to make an informed choice before you settle on a topic for assignments. A good practice is to undertake a pre-search as the first step in your research. 

When selecting a country to study for the research essay, you would want to ensure that you were making a choice that is of personal interest to you, but also a choice where finding information will not be a struggle. For example, you may have a personal interest in Togo, however, upon closer examination of the documentation available on the UN Sustainable Goals Knowledge Platform, you find that recent information from Togo is vague, and that older material is exclusively in French. Perhaps it may be a better choice to select another country in which you have a personal interest, and for which there is more recent and accessible information that is pertinent to your assignment. 

As a first step, I recommend you spend some time exploring the UN Sustainable Goals Knowledge Platform, in particular, the countries that have submitted a Voluntary National Review (VNR). You can then spend some time browsing other sources of information on the platform that refer to the country you want to examine. 

As a second step, you can then search for scholarly articles on the Library website to see if there is a body of literature you will be able to use in your analysis. 

If you are able to find both of these things, chances are you will have ready access to sufficient high quality information in order to complete your work.