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DST99 - Library Hub

A guide for students in DST99 working on their major research project.

Finding relevant scholarship

Using Search Everything

Using the default search on the Library website is not perfect, but knowing a few tips for ways to filter your results can help. 

  1. Choose keywords that represent the concepts you are looking for explicitly. For example the search "Participatory action research methodology" will yield a ton of results, but many won't be relevant to your needs. If you add the word "disability", it will enhance the results to make them more relevant. 
  2. Use the Discipline/Subject filters to narrow your results to subject matter that is more relevant to Disability Studies:
    • Sociology and Social History
    • Social Welfare and Social Work
    • Education
    • Women's Studies
    • Gender Studies
    • Queer Theory
  3. If you limit your results to books, you are more likely to find texts that will discuss the research methodology itself, rather than examples of studies that employ that methodology. 


Key databases