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CYSG110 Research Guide

Finding relevant scholarship

Using Search Everything

Using the default search on the Library website is not perfect, but knowing a few tips for ways to filter your results can help. 

  1. Choose keywords that represent the concepts you are looking for explicitly. You could start with a very general search like Indigenous child welfare Canada, and then perhaps refine your search further by adding phrases like "reconciliation" or "kinship care", for example.
  2. Use the Discipline/Subject filters to narrow your results to subject matter that is more relevant to your context:
    • Social Welfare and Social Work
    • Sociology and Social History
    • Education
    • Women's Studies
    • Gender Studies
    • Queer Theory
  3. If you limit your results to Scholarly/Peer Reviewed you will eliminate books. This is not necessarily an issue, but if you find you are having a hard time locating relevant content, you may want to try to take off that limiter and try looking at book content. While books are not the same thing as a peer reviewed article, they are still considered acceptable scholarship for academic assignments.