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Library Assessment: Assessment Plan

Purpose of the Assessment Plan

This living document outlines the planned work of the Toronto Metropolitan University Library and Archives Evaluation and Assessment Committee.

The Terms of Reference (internal document) identifies that the Evaluation and Assessment Committee "provides strategic direction for library evaluation and assessment work." To this end, the Assessment plan is intended to be a document that guides and prompts action. As Megan Oakleaf describes it, “Library assessments that do not lead to decisions, actions, and communications with stakeholders are not worth doing" ("Building the Assessment Librarian Guildhall: Criteria and Skills for Quality Assessment"). This plan will guide the action of the Evaluation and Assessment Committee as they prioritize data-collection goals and assessment strategies, and inform library stakeholders of their findings, especially for the purposes of outward communication.

Tenets of the Assessment Plan:

  • Build on prior strengths and achievements.
    ("Library Assessment Plans: Four Case Studies." Tatarka, Agnes, et al.)
  • Keep plans relevant to everyday work.
    ("Developing an Academic Library Assessment Plan: A Case Study," Smith, Tryon, and Snyder)
  • Make data comparable. Plan for the short term with the long term in mind.
    ("Library Assessment Plans: Four Case Studies." Tatarka, Agnes, et al.)
  • Communicate assessment information with stakeholders. 
    ("How we Came to Dread Fridays: Developing an Academic Library Assessment Plan Two Hours at a Time," Hockenberry and Little)
  • Ask how assessment activities could improve library performance, priority-setting and decision-making. 

Assessment Plan 2021-2022

The 2022-2023 annual assessment plan, like the previous plans, brings together different Library teams for collaborative work and attempts a balanced focus on Library services, collections, and space.

Previous annual plans have mapped assessment projects to the Library Strategic Plan. As the Library is currently developing the next Strategic Plan, this year’s projects are mapped to the University Academic Plan.

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Assessment Project

Type, Purpose, and Rationale

Academic Plan Mapping




Annual Library Planning Data Review

The purpose of this project is to gather assessment data that will contribute to the success of annual planning processes. This will include a review of available data and revisions to future data collection.

Innovation: Challenging the Status Quo

ACL of SRC, Assessment Librarian, Team Leads

Consultation October 2022; Initial data collection Dec 2022; Further planning and additional data collection May 2023



Assessment Data Dashboard

The data dashboard project continues with two projects. Additions to the instruction and research help dashboard will strengthen this data and implement feedback received from librarians and staff. The creation of a dashboard focusing on CARL data will allow for institutional comparisons.

Innovation: Challenging the Status Quo

Assessment Librarian,  Head of Teaching and Learning, Teaching Team, Lead Hand Collections Ongoing  
Innovations to Borrowing and Lending Services

This project will continue to implement the outcomes of the scan and deliver survey. Namely it will entail creating content to answer common patron questions and better explain how the service functions, such as an infographic and FAQ.

Student Experience; SRC & Graduate Studies

Resource Sharing Librarian (Leanne Notenboom), Head of Borrowing and Lending Services, Borrowing and Lending Services Technicians December 2022  

Knowledge Management related to Assessment

This project will refine the location of Library assessment data, enabling greater internal access to statistics modules, compiled data, and reports.

Innovation: Challenging the Status Quo

Assessment Librarian, Web Librarian

Fall 2022


Systems Migration Support

This project will determine what assessment data is required for the planned integrated library services (ILS) migration. It will include a review of the proposed system and may include system usage analysis or user experiencing testing. This data analysis will support a future ILS migration.

Innovation: Challenging the Status Quo

Collections Librarian (Trina Grover), Systems Committee (Sally Wilson) Winter 2023  

Environmental Scan of Institutional Assessment Instruments


This project will consist of an environmental scan of large-scale, institution level assessment instruments and a needs assessment.

Innovation: Challenging the Status Quo; Student Experience

Assessment Librarian Winter 2023  
Acquisitions Space Requirements

TMU Libraries continue to grow and we anticipate the creation of branch libraries. This project will assess space needs in relation to current and future acquisitions needs.

SRC & Graduate Studies

Collections Librarian (Trina Grover), Head Law Library, Medical Library Committee Winter 2023  
Marginalized Student Study

This multi-institutional qualitative research study focuses on the COVID-19 research needs of graduate students with marginalized identities. The current focus of this project is on data analysis and publication, including recommendations for best practices for library services.

Student Experience; SRC & Graduate Studies; Advancing Indigenous Initiatives

Assessment Librarian and Liaison Librarian (Cecile Farnum) Fall 2022  
Instruction Statistics Updates

Library statistics on instruction are important for demonstrating liaison impact. The module for inputting these statistics requires an update while retaining longitudinal data.

SRC & Graduate Studies

Head of Teaching and Learning Services, Teaching team, Liaison librarians, Assessment Librarian Completion by Dec 2022  
Law Library Space Use

This project will build on existing statistics about law library space use to determine when and how frequently specific locations in the law library are used. This will allow for future space planning.

Student Experience

Assessment Librarian, Head Law Librarian, Law Library Technician (Kelley Doan)


Fall 2022