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Long-Term Care

Selected Data & Statistics

The following sites compile data and statistics related to long-term care.

Canadian Institute for Health Information (CIHI)

Access Data and Reports (CIHI)
  Primary Themes include: Seniors and Aging, Health Workforce, Residential Care, Community Care, etc.
Continuing Care (CIHI)
Health Workforce (CIHI)
Home Care (CIHI)
Long-term care homes in Canada: How many and who owns them? (CIHI)

Canadian Research Data Centre Network - Data


Search for: "home care" or "long-term care"

Federated Research Data Depository

Health Quality Ontario

Search for: "home care" or "long-term care"

Long-Term Care Home COVID-19 Data (Ontario)

National Center for Health Statistics - CDC (U.S.)

Home Health Care 
National Home and Hospice Care Survey 
Nursing Home Care  
Residential Care Communities

OECD - Data

Health (OECD)  
Society (OECD)
Long-Term Care Resources and Utilisation (OECD)
Includes the following categories: Long-term care workers: formal sector; Formal long-term care workers at home; Formal long-term care workers in institutions; Beds in residential long-term care facilities; Long-term care recipients

Ontario Long-Term Care Association - Facts & Figures

Statista (All links limited to TMU)

Long term care - Statistics & Facts
Caregivers in the U.S. 
Home care in the U.S
Nursing homes in the U.S. 

Statistics Canada

Statistics Canada - Seniors and Aging Statistics
Statistics Canada - Health - Key indicators