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Writing a Literature Review

Identifying Literature Reviews

There are several approaches you can take to identifying published literature reviews:

1) Theses

Most theses contain extensive literature reviews:

Marketing strategies: How small restaurant businesses use social media (2017)

SEE: A Review of the Professional and Academic Literature p10 - 38   - 172 references

2) Literature Reviews Published as Journal Articles

Some journal articles published in scholarly journals consist entirely of a literature review.

SEE: Blockchain for the Internet of Things: A Systematic Literature Review (2016)

3) Journal Articles

Most research papers that are published in scholarly journals include a literature review by way of introducing the topic that is being researched.

SEE: Organization's perspective of managing B2C e-commerce implementation: Lessons from fashion and apparel business in malaysia (2017)

4) Limiting Search Results to Literature Reviews When Searching Databases

- Include the term "literature review" in a keyword in title search

- Some databases include options to limit search results to literature reviews

Writing the Literature Review : Step-by-Step Tutorial for Graduate Students (Univ. of Maryland)

Literature Reviews: An Overview for Graduate Students (North Carolina State University)