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POH105 Ounce of Prevention: Public Health Past

This course guide was designed to assist students in POH105 with conducting library research for their assignments

Search Subject-Specific Databases

  • Login with your my.ryerson account

  • To identify databases relevant to Occupational and Public Health, look at the recommendations on the research guide for the program.  Also consider that some databases related to History may also be relevant to this course, so the research guide for History may also be consulted. 

  • Use the Advanced Search options to create more detailed searches and expand relevant results

  • Play with synonyms (like terms) to expand your results, using Boolean logic (AND, OR, NOT) in databases

  • Use truncation, *, to search for root variant of words where applicable, e.g. vaccin* will retrieve vaccine, vaccines, vaccination

  • Separate your concepts into individual rows to include synonymous terms, e.g. mandate OR law

  • Modify your search where necessary, making use of field-specific searching, e.g. searching for your terms more narrowly in specific parts of the article, e.g. abstract

  • Take advantage of additional features in databases, which can help identify highly-cited research, specific types of research design, and other subsets of the literature

  • If the full-text of the article is not in the database, use the Check TMU Library links to find full-text, where available

  • Example of an advanced search in SciTech Premium - video embedded below: