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RShare Digital Repository

How to Deposit Your Research


1. Go to RShare and click Log in at the top right of the screen. Login with your portal username and password to activate your RShare account. 

2. To upload an item, go to My data and click +Create a new item

3. Drag and drop file(s) to the upload page or browse for files on your computer. When the file has uploaded, you can add additional files. Note: for data, we recommend including a README file (ideally a .txt file). If you upload multiple files, you will be given the option to group all files into a single item, or to post each separately.

4. Complete the appropriate fields for your item, then click Save changes. When you click a field, tips pop up on the right to help you complete that information. More guidance about creating metadata for your record is available on the Figshare website. 

5. When the record is complete, tick the Publish box (located below all of the information fields). If any mandatory fields are blank, you will be prompted to complete them.


6. Click Publish Item. You will be asked to confirm that you want to publish the item, making it publicly available. You will be presented with two options: No, save privately or Yes, publish.

7. Click Yes, publish. If you haven’t uploaded a file- or made the record ‘metadata only’- you will be prompted to do so. 

8. The deposit will checked by the Library repository team and we hope to have your submission moderated shortly. Please note that on submission of your file, you will not receive a confirmation email: we will contact you if more information about your deposit is required. Once the checks are complete, you will receive a notification that your record and files are available under the license that you have selected.

If you have any questions about uploading your item, or completing the metadata, please contact the Library repository team at