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ORCID is an acronym for an Open Researcher and Contributor ID, and is a unique identifier to differentiate you and your work from other global scholars with a similar name. When you establish an ORCID account, you are assigned a unique number identifier that assures readers of your identity. When your scholarship is added to your ORCID profile, you indicate a positive identity for both yourself and your scholarship.

For more on ORCID, please see the organisation's About Us page.

To sign up for your own free ORCID profile, click here. Once you are registered, ORCID will guide you through claiming your scholarship to your profile.

Linking to ORCID

To link your ORCID ID to your RShare profile, follow the steps below:


1. Visit RShare and click on Log in in the top right corner

2. Sign into your portal account

3. Once you are logged in, click the circle in the top right with your initials and select Profile

4. Under Professional Details, click CONNECT and enable syncing with your ORCID

5. Click Add Account

6. Sign in with your ORCID ID

7. For the best integration between RShare and ORCID, follow this easy guide on how to Sync ORCID.