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Many of the most commonly asked questions relating to RShare are listed here: if you require further assistance, please email and we will do our best to assist you.
How do I add my research to RShare?

The Depositing Research to RShare instructions will walk you through uploading your research to the RShare site.

How can I find statistics on the views and downloads of my research?

Statistics on views and downloads of your research can be found by viewing your research on RShare.

My thesis/dissertation/project/major research paper is missing from RShare. How can I upload it?

Theses, Dissertations, and some Major Research Papers and Thesis Projects are delivered to the Library via Graduate Studies, normally several months to one year after the final submission is made. The Library is only able to upload copies that are sent to us directly from Graduate Studies. Your paper will be added, but it may take some time.

Other Major Research Papers and Thesis Projects are provided to the Library by some (but not all) departments. Please first check with your department before contacting the Library at

Can I change the content of my paper/article, etc. in RShare?

For simple typographical corrections to graduate papers, please send email to More substantive changes can only be approved by Graduate Studies.

For changes relating to all other research papers, please contact

I want to remove my thesis, dissertation, etc., from RShare.

The Library cannot remove the paper without approval from Graduate Studies. 

I want to remove my research article, data, etc.

To remove or update all other research and documents, please contact

How do I know if I can legally store my scholarship in RShare?

Copyright restrictions vary from publication to publication, but many journals will offer some option for self-archiving. Some journals operate as Open Access resources, meaning you have the right to reproduce your published paper on RShare as an institutional repository. Many of these journals will feature a Creative Commons license which indicates your ability to reproduce them. If in doubt, you may check the Open Access status of your publication at Sherpa Romeo, or contact our RShare library team.

What version of my research paper can I upload?

If you have misplaced your copyright transfer agreement/publishing agreement, please refer to Sherpa Romeo for guidance. If you need assistance interpreting Sherpa Romeo, please contact

My paper is published in a journal that has an Open Access fee associated with it. What is that?

Many journals offer an Open Access pathway that means that scholarship may be reproduced if a fee is paid. Many scholars will factor this fee into their funding arrangement, and once this fee is paid the published version may be used in a limited number of ways (again, see Sherpa Romeo for specific details for each journal). If you have not paid this Open Access fee, you may still have options. Many publishers offer the right to reproduce scholarship in Accepted form, or in a format often referred to as a pre-print or post-print. In Accepted form, a paper is free of the publisher's formatting, meaning that it often looks like a plain text document. In this form, depending on the publication, a paper may be posted on RShare. Please contact our RShare library team for assistance or queries about how you may get your scholarship up and running, and see this guide for more information on post-print publications.

Does the Library have funds to support Open Access publishing? 

Unfortunately, the Library does not have funds available for that purpose. We can, however, provide guidance on how to make your work open access by using your post-print, along with guidance on discounts offered through the Canadian Research Knowledge Network (CRKN). Please contact for a consultation. 

I need to embargo my graduate paper or research article. How can I do that? 

Embargoes for graduate papers are granted by Graduate Studies. For all other papers, please contact

I need more information about a paper, such as survey instruments, code, etc. used in a graduate paper or other research articles in RShare. 

The Library does not maintain contact information for graduate student authors. Your best bet is to try LinkedIn, Google, Facebook, etc., to track down the author. All other TMU authors should be easy to locate using the TMU website.

I am an undergraduate student and wish to add my essay or other project to the RShare. 

Please contact for assistance.