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Sociology of Food

Researching the Sociology of Food

(Toronto sports centre foodscape - Copyright: Sarah Elton)

Hello and welcome to the study of food and eating.
This research guide has been prepared to support your scholarly research in an area in which everyone has some expertise. All of us eat food! But researching food at the University is a different experience than cooking well or partaking in a meal. Food studies and food systems studies are interdisciplinary fields. Scholars from a wide array of disciplines examine food, food culture, and food systems--from history, to sociology, anthropology, public health, business and more. This text is designed to help you in your assignments here at the University and set you up for conducting solid, scholarly research on food, food culture, and food systems. Importantly, this guide also will connect you to material on colonialism, social justice issues including race, gender, climate change, and decolonization. That’s because food studies connects us to many critical issues faced by society today.

How do I use this guide?
Click your way through the content bar to your left to find scholarly journal articles, books, films, periodicals and much more. You may need to be logged into your University account to access some of the material.

For further information about the Sociology of Food Library Guide, please contact the University Library online chat service or submit a request for an appointment with a librarian.


This Library Guide was created collaboratively by Kevin Manuel, Sociology Librarian and  Dr. Sarah Elton, Assistant Professor in the Department of Sociology.