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Sociology of Food

Keywords for the Sociology of Food

(Delhi nut seller - Copyright: Sarah Elton)

Boolean search strategies make it easier to find information that is best related to the topic you are researching.

These are commonly used scholarly terms and phrases that can be used to conduct keyword searches for topics related to researching the sociology of food.

Use Search Everything on the University's Library webpage using terms, such as:

Food - system, security, sovereignty, scarcity, policy, justice, equity, culture, practise,

Culinary - practise, culture, infrastructure

Foodscape, food environment, food desert

Food worker, food labour, gender and food

Alternative food system, agriculture, farming, agroecology, sustainable agriculture, resilient/resilience, Indigenous agriculture, traditional knowledge, seed sovereignty, social movements

Food culture, diaspora, foodways, culinary practise, food getting, food skills, deskilling