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Sociology of Food

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NFB (National Film Board of Canada) 

Recommended Documentaries - This is a selection, not an exhaustive list, of films available for viewing on the topics about the Sociology of Food.

El Contrato (NFB)

An Angry Inuk (NFB)

Gather (search on Kanopy)

Food Inc. (search on Kanopy)

Seed: The Untold Story (search on Kanopy)

The Pollinators (search on Kanopy)

Queen of the Sun (search on Kanopy)

Kiss the Ground (Netflix - subscription not available to Library)

Super Size Me (search on Kanopy)

The Biggest Little Farm (Netflix - subscription not available to Library)

The Need to Grow (search on Kanopy)

Salt Fat Acid Heat (Netflix - subscription not available to Library

BBC’s Follow the Food

The Pass System

We Will Stand Up (NFB)



1619 by The New York Times: At first it might not be clear that all of the episodes relate to food and food systems, but because the transatlantic slave trade is part of the foundation for our food system today, all of the episodes are related to food in some way.

The First Sixteen: A podcast from Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Target: Zero Hunger, a podcast by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations