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Sociology of Food

Primary Sources - oral histories, diaries, personal accounts


What are Archives? Check out the link to learn more

The University of Guelph provides digital access to its Canadian Cookbook Collection. They have about 20,000 cookbooks dating back to the 17th century that together provide an understanding of how people have eaten here over hundreds of years. You can access digital copies of the cookbooks as well as student curated exhibits.

The Food Timeline is a website hosted by Virginia Tech University Libraries and the College of Liberal Arts and Human Sciences. They have archived the work of reference librarian Lynne Olver in order to preserve her extensive food history referencing work after her death in 2015. It looks old school because it is old school--Olver created the site in 1999. This counts as an appropriate source for your assignment, despite its appearances, because it is hosted by the university library. Check out her guide to food history research for more tips on unearthing the stories of foods.

Archives Canada

Traditional Animal Foods of Indigenous Peoples of North America (McGill University)

150 Years of Chinese Food in America

Indian Community Cookbook Project

The USDA has digital archives of National Agriculture Library Digital collections.

The USDA Economic Research Service Food Environment Atlas.

What’s on the Menu? New York Public Library menu collection