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Women's and Gender Studies

Keywords for Women's and Gender Studies

Wyoming women voting, 1920.


This section of the guide outlines commonly used scholarly terms, phrases and strategies that can be used to conduct keyword searches for topics related to women's and gender studies.

Terminology and Keywords

Consider using Boolean search strategies to find information for your research.

Search Everything on the Library's website is an excellent search engine to get started. 

Here are some examples of keywords:

feminism AND critical race theory

multicultural feminisms

reproductive rights

women AND employment


transgender persons AND military

women AND representation

Sample searches using more sophisticated syntax with direct links to Search Everything:

femini* AND "research method*"

indigen* women AND research

decolonial* AND femini*

(queer OR LGBTQ OR gay OR lesbian*) AND "research method*"

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Search Everything


Search Everything lets you search across the majority of the Library's articles, books, videos, etc. If you would like to search more specialized resources, try our A-Z list and filter by subject.

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