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Women's and Gender Studies

Welcome to Women's and Gender Studies Research Guide

Victor Barro, of Friends of the Earth International. Licensed under a Creative Commons (Attribution Share Alike) licence.

Welcome to the Women's and Gender Studies Research Guide.

Women's and gender studies is a field of study that explores the ways gender impacts how we think, how we live, and how we understand ourselves and others. Though the field historically focused on the lives of women, contemporary women's and gender studies research, scholarship and pedagogy emphasizes the ways that gender, race, class, age, sexuality, ability, and size work together. (adapted from University of Alberta Department of Women's and Gender Studies)

Use the menu to find books, journal articles, databases, archives, statistics, data, periodicals, films, documentaries and community resources. Depending on the source, access to these materials may be limited to members of the university community.

For further information about the Women and Gender Studies Library Guide, please visit the Library's Research Help Desk or contact the University Library online chat service or submit a request for an appointment with a librarian.

This Library Guide was created collaboratively by librarians Diane Granfield and Cecile Farnum.