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Black Studies

Keywords for Black Studies

(Photo source: Janine Robinson,

These are commonly used scholarly terms and phrases that can be used to conduct keyword searches for topics related to Black Studies/Black African Diaspora/Black Canadian Diaspora.


Consider using Boolean search strategies to find information for your research.

Search everything on Library website using terms, such as:

“African Diaspora”
“Afro-Latin Diaspora”
“Black Canadian”
“Continental African AND Canada”
“Afro-Caribbean Canadian” OR “Caribbean diaspora”
“Black Canadian diaspora”
“African-American” AND race AND ethnicity categories 

Adding “studies” to the above terms may widen searches.

Please note: you may need to include outdated and/or problematic terms to see historical works.

Additional possible terms/phrases:

"Anti-Black*" N2 Rac*
antislavery AND abolition
antislavery AND movement*
“Black feminist theory”
“Black Loyalist”
“Black migration north”
“Black radical thought”
“critical race theory”
“Great Britain” AND colonies*
intersectionality OR interlocking
“racial uplift”
“slave trade” AND "Great Britain*"
“slave trade” AND "West Indi*"
“slave trade” AND Caribbean*
“slave trade” AND "Latin America*"
“Underground Railroad”