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Black Studies

Primary Sources - oral histories, diaries, personal accounts

YWCA’s Ontario House, 698 Ontario Street, Toronto, circa 1912 (Photo source: Library & Archives Canada)


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Archives of Ontario - Resources Relating to Black History

Osgoode Society Oral History Programme - Special Projects interview files, Series C 81-4 - contains records concerning Black Lawyers and Judges Project (2010) and Attorney General and African Canadian Project (2008)

Black Canadian photographs (part of the Multicultural History Society of Ontario fonds)

Inez Elliston fonds

Congress of Black Women of Canada

Mary A. Shadd fonds

Prieto-McTair Productions fonds

Alvin Curling fonds

Alvin D. McCurdy fonds

Daniel G. Hill fonds

Ontario Black History Society Archives


Black History in Toronto – City of Toronto

Myseum of Toronto - Engaging programs and experiences showcase the history, spaces, culture(s), architecture, and the people that represent Toronto’s unique place in the world.

Rita Cox Black and Caribbean Heritage Collection - features over 16,000 books, DVDs, CDs, newspapers and magazines for adults, children, and teens. Materials focus on the Black and Caribbean historical and cultural experience, with a special emphasis on Canadian content..

Nova Scotia

African Nova Scotians in the Age of Slavery and Abolition - Virtual exhibit from the Nova Scotia Archives reflecting the African Nova Scotians experience between 1749 and 1834.


Amber Valley: A Black Community - exhibit by the University of Alberta.

British Colombia

British Columbia Black History Awareness Society - celebrates the achievements of Black people in B.C. by creating an awareness of the history of Blacks in B.C., stimulating interest in the contributions of persons of African ancestry to B.C. and Canada today, and celebrating historical and current achievements in the arts, education, government, sports, science etc.

National Websites

Black History Month (Library and Archives Canada)

Library and Archives Canada holds many fonds relating to Black people. Some of the documents and fonds are listed below:
- Port Roseway Associates, Muster Book of Free Blacks, Settlement of Birchtown, 1784 (MG 9 B9-14)
- Ward Chipman, Muster Master's Office (1777-1785) (MG 23 D1)
- Book of Negroes (MG23 B1)
- William King Collection (MG 24 J14)
- Great Britain: Treasury Office (MG 15 T28, microfilm C-13523)
- Immigration Branch: Central Registry Files (RG76)

Black History Canada - The Canadian Enyclopedia’s Black History in Canada collection.

Black and African-Carribean Community in Canada - Many of the goals of these organizations included developing the black community in Canada and advocating for the civil rights of blacks as attempted to address social issues concerning blacks

Many Rivers to Cross: The African Canadian Experience - This exhibition attempts to convey an impression of the place that those of African descent have long occupied in the Canadian mosaic. It deals with immigration, culture, the struggle for justice, and work, all in the context of a complex and supportive community life.

Under a Northern Star - presents 7 collections at Library and Archives Canada that document the experiences of African Canadians. These historical papers and photographs reveal the life and work of people who fought against slavery and racism.

Anti-Slavery and Abolition

Anti-Slavery Movement in Canada -Library and Archives Canada on the Anti-slavery movement and the Black refugees who left the United States for Canada.

Anti-slavery Issues in Canada, 1830-1870 A Selective Bibliography - A list of materials held by Library and Archives Canada on the anti-slavery movement in Canada between approximately 1830 and 1870.