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Faculty Benefits

On top of the benefits listed for researchers, a faculty member should know about these additional benefits of using ORCID:

ORCID has the potential to allow for automated updates to the Canadian Common CV (CCV). The CCV is a partnership of federal, provincial and non-governmental research granting agencies, which allows them to enter their CV data in once in a format that is suitable for submission to multiple grants.

Contributions to the peer review process can be added to an ORCID profile if an organization (e.g. IEEE) has integrated the ORCID API in their peer review system.

Non-traditional scholarly work, such as activity that comes from teaching and supervising students,  can be added to a faculty member’s ORCID record. For example, Supervised-student-publication, Lecture-speech,and Data-sets are all works that can be added to their ORCID profile.


A cartoon person surrounded by images for research, teaching, publishing and speaking, with ORCID iDs beside text to show that they can be covered by ORCID