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What Is A Trusted Individual?

A Trusted Individual is somebody who you grant permission to, that has the ability to update your ORCID record, acting as a delegate or proxy for managing your account. You can have multiple Trusted Individuals associated with your account. A trusted individual does not need to be another researcher, but they must have an ORCID iD. A trusted individual can edit your entire record, except sections that require you to enter your ORCID password, which includes adding email addresses, resetting your password, and deleting your account.

Adding A Trusted Individual

To grant access to a trusted individual, go to Account settings, then Trusted individuals. In the search box, enter the ORCID iD, email address, or name of the person you want to make a trusted individual, then click search. Click on Add next to the name of the user you wish to make a trusted individual, or click on the user's name to be taken to their ORCID record if you need to check that you have the right person. Visit the ORCID website to learn more about adding a trusted individual to your account.  


A screenshot of the Trusted Individuals search box and results

Deleting A Trusted Individual

After you have added a trusted individual to your ORCID record, their name and ORCID iD will appear in the Trusted Individual section. To remove a trusted individual from your account, click delete (the "trash can" icon) next to the name of the person you wish to remove.